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Showcase of communication and networking activities by Sec Adapt's partners

LIFE SEC ADAPT partners are engaged in several communication and dissemination activities, included participation with other EU projects. Reports of most relevant activities are available here.

An example of dissemination activity has been realized by the City of Pazin, member of Croatia green building council, in occasion of the “Green talks” symposium involving architects, civil engineers, public administration and other relevant stakeholders.  Pazin presented the own activity inside LIFE SEC ADAPT project, receiving feedback about possible measures that could be implemented and discussed for Climate change adaptation strategy.
Report available here.

An example of networking with other EU project is offert bt Municipality of Fabriano, that has been invited by the PEACE_Alps project to have a presentation on the LIFE SecAdapt methodology. Technical expert of Fabriano took part also to the mutual learning workshop, held the second meeting day, to provide the Life SEC Adapt perspective regarding the climate change topic.
Report available here.

An interesting training activity on Climate Change thematic has been realized by the Mamiani Language High School Of Pesaro. The technical expert for LIFE SEC ADAPT of Pesaro Municipality has been invited to held a presentation at school on mitigation and adaptation themes, presenting also the project activities. Students realized a video available in the Facebook chanel of Life Sec Adapt Project.

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